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Meet Our Coaches

Michael Hart (Co-Owner), BS, MBA, CSCS, USAW2, CSAC, CSAS, TPI-CGFI, PN1

  • Mike completed his MBA in January 2012 from Indiana Wesleyan University with a specialty in Healthcare Administration. He is a graduate of IUPUI of which he received his B.S. in Exercise Science from Indiana University in May of 2003. While attending IUPUI, Mike played four years of Division-I soccer on an athletic scholarship.

Elisha Hart (Co-Owner), BS, MSPA, PN1, CFL1

  • Elisha also graduated from IUPUI with a bachelor’s of science in Exercise Science.  She then attended Butler University, where she earned her Master’s degree as a Physician Assistant.  She continues to practice medicine while being present and engaged at JoCo as much as she is able.  Mike and Elisha strive to infringe their passion for health and wellness upon their two daughters, Mia and Lyla.

Eli Moore (General Manager), HSSCC, CSAC

Chris Barr, CFL1

Sara Blunck, RD, USAW2, CFL1

  • Sara graduated from Ball State University with a degree in dietetics in 2002, completed her dietetic internship at Hines VA in Illinois in ’03, and then began working as a registered dietitian. She has worked with a variety of patients with nutritional needs ranging from an inpatient setting, to teaching diabetes, heart health, and weight management classes, to a clinic specializing in the treatment of patients with eating disorders. Sara competed as a gymnast for 17 years, including competing at BSU.  As an adult, she became involved in triathlon training and completed several races, including three half ironman and one full ironman. Sara turned to CrossFit while looking for some ‘off season’ training as she prepared to add to her family. Now a mom of two boys, she enjoys spending any spare moments training or coaching CrossFit and weightlifting, as well as teaching tumbling at the YMCA.

JD Hart, CFL1

  • J.D. completed his MBA in 2013 from Indiana University.  He has his B.S. from Indiana University in Business Management as well.  J.D works full time for a Fortune 500 company, but loves spending his spare time improving his own fitness goals and helping others do the same.J.D. was introduced to Crossfit in 2011 upon finishing his last season on a competition softball team. In late October of 2011, he returned from a national tourney in Las Vegas, walked in JoCo Crossfit wanting to prep in the off season.  One week later he sold all of his softball equipment and became addicted to “The Sport of Fitness”.

Brandon Hendrix, USAW2, CFL1

  • Brandon completed his Master of Science Degree at Northwestern University in Predictive Analytics in June of 2013 and his undergraduate degree in Mathematics at Chicago State University in 2007. Brandon is a Captain of the U.S. Army and enjoys both physical and mental training.Brandon was introduced to Crossfit in 2008, and facilitated a Crossfit group in Afghanistan until the end of 2009. He has also completed the CrossFit Endurance course as well. Brandon believes that Crossfit is not just about lifting weights. Instead he embraces the totality of what physical fitness can bring to multiple areas of a person’s life. Brandon believes that physical fitness doesn’t just happen by accident, and he loves to see people work for, achieve, and surpass goals that they thought they could never reach. His love of the gym is fueled by seeing the commitment that grows in people that are willing to persevere to become better at life and lifting. Brandon notes: “I love the family atmosphere here. At other places people join a gym…here you join a family!”

Molli Hunter, CFL1

  • Molli completed her Bachelor degree in Elementary Education from Purdue in 2005. She has had the opportunity to teach students in 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th grade, in both Arizona and Indianapolis. Molli is a wife and the mother of three young children. She is blessed to be a stay-at-home-mom but being home full time has its fair share of challenges, which is what lead her to CrossFit.
    Molli was a two-sport athlete all through school and was very active but as time past and life happened she drifted further away from fitness. She became frustrated with herself and her fitness routine after having her three children. This is about the time she discovered CrossFit. It didn’t take long and she was hooked. Five months into CrossFit, Molli decided to take her newfound love of CrossFit to another level and she became CrossFit level 1 certified in January 2014. Now she has the privilege of combining two of her passions, children and CrossFit. Thomas Jefferson wrote, “a strong body makes a strong mind.” We certainly can’t guarantee our children’s success in life, but we can give them an edge by encouraging and modeling for them the practice of regular exercice.

Stacie Volz, CFL1

  • Stacie has lived in and been a part of the community of Franklin since age 2.  She graduated from Purdue in 1997 with a degree in speech pathology and audiology and from Gwinett Techinical College in 2000 with a physical therapist assistant (PTA) degree. She is a wife, and the mother of two young boys. She works full time as a PTA helping rehabilitate elderly patients with vestibular and balance dysfunction.Stacie has competed in one triathlon and has run three marathons for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. One month after her third marathon in San Francisco in 2010, she was humbled by the OnRamp class with Mike. She believed she was already fit, and thought she would “just try CrossFit to get a little toned.” Little did she know how passionate she would become about CrossFit. She quickly went from 3x/week to 6x/week (most weeks) and hasn’t looked back. She loves that the workouts vary every day, are modified to each individual’s needs and abilities, and can be measured to monitor progress.