771 Commerce Drive, Franklin, IN

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JoCo Bootcamp


  • JoCo Bootcamp is for all ages and skill levels.  We modify accordingly for individual.


  • Our BootCamp is a moderate to high intensity, metabolic training approach utilizing circuits and intervals to provide the best total body exercise program.
  • Our goal will be to help you improve the following:
    • body composition, muscular/cardiovascular endurance, strength, mobility, and metabolism.
  • Participants are coached through non-complex total body movements that involve bodyweight, dumbbell, medicine ball, kettlebell, and cardiovascular exercises.
  • The weights administered are light to moderate due to the overall volume but will be easy to approach.
  • Each group session is coach led and versatile as every class will change from one day to the next.


  • Classes will be held on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (starting Nov 30th).
  • We will have two class times per day from 5:30am-6:30am and 5:30pm-6:30pm.
  • New class times and days can be added depending on demand.


  • 2x per week = $60 per month
  • 3x per week = $75 per month