771 Commerce Drive, Franklin, IN

(317) 506-3911 jococrossfit@gmail.com

JoCo CrossFit


  • CrossFit is for all ages and skill sets. We modify movements and weights dependent on skill and ability.


  • CrossFit is a functional, high intensity, constantly varied training program.
  • We focus on improving the following fitness domains:
    • accuracy, agility, balance, cardiovascular endurance, coordination, flexibility, power, speed, stamina, and strength.
  • Our CrossFit program can be used by any individual and is the primary training program for many police academies, fire departments, military units, and elite level athletes.
  • JoCo CrossFit’s approach is designed for universal scalability. This makes it easy and a perfect application for all committed individuals regardless of experience.
  • Ultimately, we program our workouts to best prepare participants for any physical contingency.


  • Our CrossFit program is available anytime JoCo Fitness is open. Hours of operation are:
    • Monday – Friday: 5:30am-8pm
    • Saturday: 7:30am-10:30am

o   Sunday: 10am-1pm


  • On-Ramp Course: 3 mandatory introductory sessions – $50
  • Silver: 2x per week – $80 per month (spouse additional $50)
  • Gold: 3x per week – $110 per month (spouse additional $60)
  • Platinum: unlimited training – $135 per month (spouse additional $85)
  • Platinum Family: unlimited training for entire family – $250 per month
  • Drop-In Class: single session – $12 per workout