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We’ve got some EXCITING news to share with you!

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We are now offering INDIVIDUALIZED nutrition services with Precision Nutrition’s (PN) ProCoach!

Elisha and Mike have been working hard over the past 3 months to complete the Precision Nutrition certification and we are proud to say… we are official!   With doing so, we hope to teach all of you some of the best practices in nutrition and behavior change. We won’t just be sharing theoretical knowledge, but we will be guiding you through real-life practices that will lead a more healthful life for you and your families. These practices include eating better, avoiding nutritional deficiencies, coping with stress, managing sleeping and recovery, simply taking better care of yourself, and… having fun-yes, fun! Living actively and to the fullest each day should be a priority!

“Tell me more! Tell me more!”… ok, ok, ok…

Who is the PN system for? It’s for people who:

-want to optimize their body composition whether it’s weight loss, weight gain, muscle gain, or sports performance

– are tired of the latest fad diet and gimmicks

– want a simpler approach to nutrition that can be sustained for a lifetime

– are excited to improve the totality of themselves

– want the best nutrition information and new ideas currently available

– want structure and guidance from their trusted coaches

Who is the PN system NOT for? It’s NOT for people who:

– are looking for another yo-yo diet with results that quickly pass

What, When, and Why? The full Precision Nutrition program is designed to be a 12 month format. This course, which is easy to implement and follow, guides you through simple tasks, strategically, sequentially, and segmentally with ample coaching support and resources. Each client’s program is individualized by the coach, based upon their body type, dietary preferences, activity level, goals, and available time. And best of all, most of the program is guided right through your own electronic device, so you can check-in when it’s convenient for you! Your PN coaches will always be available to you, providing education, resources, and tips along your journey. Your progress will be monitored via bi-weekly or monthly weigh-ins and body composition measurements.

And How much is this going to cost me? Let’s first start with “How much do you value your health and wellness?” It’s hard to put a price tag on something you value so dearly. Don’t you agree?

JoCo Members:                     $75 monthly  (add spouse: $125)

Non JoCo Members:            $100 monthly (add spouse: $150)

To enroll in ProCoach, email Elisha elishamh@hotmail.com with “PN Coaching” in the subject line. You will then be added to the ProCoach group and the closed group FB page which will be used for social support. Questions? Please contact Elisha or Mike. (Informational session TBA)