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JoCo Sports Performance


  • Ages 6-18
  • Collegiate athletes
  • Adults training for specific goals


  • For age groups 6-18 years, our training is heavily based on the LTAD (Long Term Athletic Development) model.
    • We focus on providing neural development, motor skill development, and age-appropriate coaching methods.
  • For collegiate athletes and adults, we have a slightly more sport specific approach to meet your training goals.
  • We strive to improve:
    • skill development, body awareness, power, strength, speed (linear, lateral, multi-directional), agility, acceleration, and mobility.
  • Athletes are taken through initial screening and assessment processes in order to .  prescribe corrective exercises so that motor patterns can be improved and injuries can be prevented.
  • Once screening is completed, each athlete (ages 6-18) must go through an “Intro to Movement” course.
    • Other than age, advancement in skill or resistance will largely be dependent on technique and mechanics.
  • There is qualitative and/or quanitative tests in place to monitor progression.
  • The training will be 1,2, or 3 days a week with appropriate periodization.



  • JoCo Sports Performance is available Monday through Thursday.
  • The athletes will be allowed to complete training anytime between 3:30-6:30pm.


  • 1x per week = $10 per session ($40 per month)
  • 2x per week = $7.50 per session ($60 per month)
  • 3x per week = $6 per session ($72 per month)