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JoCo Weightlifting


  • There is a program for everyone. We have four USAW Level 2 Weightlifting coaches on staff and we can coach and program for the novice lifter all the way up to national level lifter.
  • Our weightlifting membership is available to all individuals. This includes athletes wanting to learn the lifts, beginning and intermediate lifters competing in 2-3 comps per year, and those that want to compete on the JoCo Weightlifting team and compete year round.


  • Our weightlifting program is setup for the overall performance of the Olympic lifts (Snatch and Clean + jerk).  
  • Our lifters will be training in a classification system. Lifters will be able to progress from one class to the next through technical mastery, strength, and overall lifting total.
  • Progression from one class to the next does not happen overnight. This is a long process and takes a lot of time and consistency.
  • Our junior lifters up to the age of 14 will be challenged with lifts based on their bodyweight rather than lifting totals. They will work primarily on mastery of technique and the concepts of neural/motor development and GPP (General Physical Preparedness).
  • Weightlifting will improve a number of physical attributes that include:
    • strength, speed, power, balance, body composition, mobility, and stability.
    • The lifting area will be setup with top of the line weightlifting equipment (barbells, bumper plates, squat stands, etc) and lifting platforms.  


  • JoCo Weightlifting hours will be anytime that the facility is open. We highly recommend training with someone or a team of people due to added motivation and results.


  • Unlimited access + no programming (use your own programming) = $60 month
  • Unlimited access + full time coaching and programming = $100 month
  • JoCo Weightlifting Team = $130 month

o   This includes full time coaching at the facility and competitions, USAW membership fee, and unlimited programming.