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 Army Combat Fitness Test



Preparation to Excel in the ACFT

  • Tactical Strength and Conditioning Facilitator (TSAC-F) certified coaches

  • Personalized training to progress from any physical fitness level

  • Structured Strength and Conditioning Programming to optimize all facets of the fitness test.

JoCo Fitness is offering personalized training for the ACFT

  • Programs can be implemented at any location, or on site at JoCo

  • Pre-developed programs are available, or contact our coaches to develop a personalized program. 

Personalized Programs

  • Our Preferred training program.

    Work directly with our coaches to develop a personal training program designed specifically to optimize your abilities.

  • Programs can be implemented on-site at JoCo or remotely at your preferred location.

  • Structured Communication with the coach to evaluate progress and maximize results.

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ACFT Pre Developed Programs

We have developed 3, 4 week training programs designed to advance even the most novice of athletes to be optimally fit for the ACFT. These programs can be purchased separately, or together as one 12 week training program that will prepare you to excel in the ACFT.

ACFT Training Cycle 1


The First army Combat Fitness Test training cycle. A 4 week, 3day/week strength and conditioning program designed to develop the fundamental abilities to train for the ACFT.

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ACFT Training Cycle 2


The Second Army Combat Fitness Test training cycle. A 4 week, 3 day/week Strength and Conditioning program designed for the intermediate/advanced athlete. This cycle builds upon the foundation developed from the first. It will develop the elite level of Power and Endurance needed to excel in the third ACFT cycle. Only advanced athletes or those who have completed ACFT1 should start out with this program.

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ACFT Training Cycle 3


The Final Preparation cycle for the ACFT. This 4 week, 3 day/week program specifically focuses on the tests of the ACFT. It will develop all areas of the test to ensure success across a wide domain of fitness. Only those with extensive strength and conditioning experience, or those who have completed ACFT1 and ACFT2 should use this training program. This is the best way to prepare the month before a test.

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ACFT 3 Cycle Bundle

ACFT 3 Cycle Bundle
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This Bundle includes all 3 ACFT training cycles. Together, they create a 12 week Strength and Conditioning program that will transform your capabilities to perform in the ACFT.

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We utilize the TrainHeroic App to distributee the ACFT Programs

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