Ultimate Baseball Performance Workshop by JoCo Fitness

Improve your Performance capabilities with an individualized and more well-rounded training program specifically for overhead and rotational athletes.

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  • 2-3 hour baseball workshop detailing Arm Care, Rotational Power, and Field Based Movement

  • When: December 8th, 12-3 pm

  • Where: JoCo Fitness in Franklin, IN

  • Cost: $75 up to December 8th

  • Who: Youth baseball players ages 11-18

  • Spots Available: 30 (first come first serve)

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  • Experience the same movement quality and preparation approach as the major leaguers through resources that include Eric Cressey, Mike Reinold, Ken Crenshaw and others!

  • Money back guarantee for those that are not satisfied at the end of the workshop!

What to Expect

1. A More Accurate Arm Care Approach

Each player imposes different structural and mechanical demands on their body which means that they will need to be assessed individually.  Without proper detail to movement and posture, baseball players are producing greater than 50% injury rates at all participating levels (youth, high school, college, professional).

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2. More Explosive Rotational Power

Younger players tend to use smaller stabilizing muscles rather than large forceful ones 3x more than professionals to create power.  This approach over time will only decrease the performance levels of the athlete/s and produce injury. With a better understanding of total body movement and sequencing, your athlete  will soon be using larger, more powerful muscles to create force.

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3. Improved Field Based Movement and Reactive Ability

Greater positioning, stability and fast twitched fibers are the key to better movement and quicker response times.  Through appropriate progressions dependent upon age/level, we will provide your athlete with the tools necessary to improve their stance,  base running and defense on the baseball field.

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