Baseball Performance 

Our Baseball Program is designed to develop efficient movement patterns and athletic capabilities that are needed to be successful in the Sport of Baseball. Our Program is geared towards developing peak physical performance leading into the competitive season. Take advantage of the off-season months become a faster, more powerful, and more effective athlete.

Preseason Performance Training

  • 8-12 Week Program

  • 2-3 Days/Week at JoCo Fitness

  • Personalized training geared towards strength development, rotational power, arm care/corrective exercises, and field based movement/speed and agility training.

  • Programs are offered on site at JoCo Fitness, or remotely through our TrainHeroic App.

  • Contact us to learn more and set up a training session!

  • Individual or full Team training available


Arm Care

  • Individual movement assessment to determine potential corrective action.

  • Focus on strengthening areas that may be lacking to promote healthy arm/shoulder action

  • Training to maximize throwing power and efficiency

Learn More-Arm Care

Rotational Power

  • Focus on efficient force production and transfer through the body’s kinetic chain

  • Rotational training to optimize speed and strength in hitting and throwing

  • Proper mechanics that leads to more athletically sound baseball movements

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Field Based Movement

  • Speed and Agility Mechanics, geared specifically towards baseball success.

  • Lateral change of direction training, promoting quick field reaction

  • Linear acceleration training, promoting faster baserunning

Learn More-Field Based Movement

Contact us to learn more and set up a training session!