Power/Triphasic Program

Our Power/Triphasic Program is a 6 week cycle designed to convert our ME Strength into explosive power. The Triphasic method utilizes Eccentric and Isometric tempos (Negatives and Holds) to force our body to adapt in a way so that we can move heavier loads at higher velocities. This program also utilizes Alactic and Lactic Capacity intervals, to improve our ability to perform explosive bouts of energy for longer periods of time. There is also a greater emphasis on the development of the Olympic lifts in this cycle, as the Snatch and Clean and Jerk result in the greatest power output.

  • 6 week cycle

  • Power/ Power Endurance Focus

  • Olympic Lifting emphasis (Snatch, Clean and Jerk)

  • Full access to TrainHeroic app and Team Leaderboard

  • $5/week

CF Power/Triphasic
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