JoCo Functional Fitness Training

  • Our Functional Fitness Program is for all ages and skill sets. Our program is designed to build upon the fundamental elements of movement and fitness. These elements include strength, conditioning, stability, mobility, balance, speed, power, and cardiovascular development.

  • Workouts are programmed daily, featuring unique combinations of movements and time domains to develop each of these fitness elements. The workouts are constantly varied, so that the body is continually adapting to new stimuli.

  • We operate as an open gym format, meaning any time that JoCo is open, the Functional Fitness Program is available.

    Our Hours:

    Monday-Friday: 5:30 a.m-8:00 p.m

    Saturday: Bootcamp @ 7:30 a.m, Weightlifting class @ 8:00 a.m, Group workout @ 9:00 a.m

    Sunday: 10 a.m- 1 p.m

    Great for Individuals of all Age, Experience, and Ability

  • While the variance of the exercises can be seemingly overwhelming, we have coaches available at all times of gym hours to instruct and develop each of our members. We take pride in being masters of movement, and want each of our members to move and exercise in a safe and effective matter.

  • Every movement in our program is universally scalable. We have modifications to accommodate an individual of any skill set and ability. This makes it easy and applicable to committed individuals regardless of experience.

    How to Get Started

  • Our new members are required to complete 3 On-ramp sessions. Click Here to learn more

  • Feel free to come by JoCo at anytime to check out the facility!


  • On-Ramp Course: 3 introductory sessions - $50 (waived from first month membership) Learn More

  • Silver: 2x per week - $80 per month (spouse additional $50)

  • Gold 3x per week - $110 per month (spouse additional $60)

  • Platinum: Unlimited training - $135 per month (spouse additional $85)

  • Platinum Family: unlimited training for entire family - $250 per month

  • Drop in: single session -$12 per workout