Habit #2: Eat Lean Proteins With Each Meal

If you have been trying to follow your macro prescription for the past few days, you may be having some difficulty attaining the protein goal.  Most of us are not used to consuming our daily allowance of protein, let alone a higher protein diet. Do your best to meet this goal. If you are able to approximate this goal, you will notice that your satiety is met sooner and you may not be reaching for “seconds” at mealtimes or extra “bedtime snacks” (which are usually empty calories).  

Unlike additional fats (which are stored on your bums and bellies), most proteins are not stored.   Proteins are always being used and recycled. So, try to divide your daily protein goal equally among all meals, so that these are readily available for muscle recovery and growth.  So, if your daily allowance of protein is 100 g and you generally eat 4 times per day, you should consume 25 g of protein at each meal. By following this advice, you will ensure adequate intake of protein, stimulate your metabolism, improve muscle mass and recovery, and reduce body fat.  Remember a portion size of protein is the size of the palm of your hand. In general, women should get 1 palm-size of protein at each meal and men should get two.