Habit #10: A little more, A little better

Everyday we have a choice to be average, subpar, or even “better than yesterday”.  Everyday YOU have a choice to apply more of a conscious effort towards the betterment of your own self.  This can be in regards to waking up 5 minutes to early to prepare your lunch for the day vs hitting the snooze seven times.  This can be in regards to packing your gym clothes the night before so you’re more likely to follow through with tomorrow’s goals.  Perhaps this means having quick oats with fresh berries at home, rather than running through McD’s drive through for an egg McMuffin breakfast sandwich.  Sometimes a “a little more, a little better” means adding a few extra pounds to your bar, and sometimes it simply means showering! Or maybe today’s the day, you’re not going to have fits of road rage while on 465!  All these “little better” choices add up to big changes. So, instead of grabbing that extra serving of mac & cheese at your cookout this upcoming holiday weekend, be a “little better” and grab an extra serving of fruit or veggies or even consider having one extra glass of water before consuming that adult beverage.  A little more, A little better… You decide what this means for you!