Hope everyone is doing well.  Please forward me your food journal/nutrition profile from MyFitnessPal and let me know how things are going.  We are now just about half way through the 50 days, so Iā€™d like to see how you feel about forgoing the food journal and try it out on your own.  You should have a good handle on portion control and foods that fit in your macros. Some of you will likely need your macros adjusted depending upon your progress/plateau.  Happy Monday...

 Habit #9: Avoiding Sugar

This week's challenge is 2-fold!

  1. Drink ONLY calorie free beverages!

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Research Review: Drink more sugar, weigh more | Precision ...


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2. Eat ONLY whole foods!

  • A calorie does not equal a calorie!  For example, 100 calories of chicken is very different than 100 calories of a Milky Way.  "Non-food" calories will be stored as fat, lower health, decrease satiety, and cause energy to decline.  Let's compare donut holes to apple slices. Both are carbohydrates however one is very processed and one is natural.  So, moving forward I'd like you strive the more unprocessed option (i.e. homemade spaghetti sauce with vegetables from your garden vs Ragu OR overnight steel cut oats vs instant oats vs Frosted Flakes).   This way additional sugars and other additives are avoided. There is lots of data that suggest these additives provide an inflammatory environment in our bodies...arthritis, irritable bowel, thyroid disease.