Corporate Wellness Program

Our wellness program is designed to enhance the quality of everyday life through the development and maintenance of the human energy and nervous systems. The focus is to improve upon overall health and well-being of the individual. Through training proper movement patterns and conditioning, we can limit stress and improve longevity. 

We utilize the TrainHeroic app to optimize the use of our program. This app allows for an easy to use online program to be available at your fingertips. The app displays your workout for each day, allows you to track performance, and records your readiness/recovery level with a short questionnaire at the beginning of each session. 

Feel and Perform better by taking control of your wellness training!

The Optum Wellness Program is available in a 2,3, or 4 day/week format.

8 Week- 4 days per Week program

The complete training program and best option for those who are motivated and able to exercise 4 days/week.


8 Week- 3 days per Week program

The same program, but slightly modified to accommodate a 3 day schedule. 



8 Week- 2 days per Week program

The condensed program to provide maximum utility 2 days/week.