A Program Specific to Your Body, Needs, and Abilities

  • Movement Assessment to identify your specific needs and areas of focus to train optimally

  • Personalized training to strive towards your goals

  • Structured Communication with a coach to track progress and stay on the path

  • Programming available to be used on-site at JoCo or remotely at your preferred exercise facility.

We are offering a new structural and functional body assessment in order to provide the optimal performance approach to your training. Right now, we have a universal training program that we offer to a majority of our clientele. The problem with this is that we all present differently in regards to our anatomy, posture, mobility, and stability. We do our best to identify appropriate preparation (warm-up and mobility) for our workouts but the best way is with an individual approach. We believe the best approach to anyone’s health and wellness is the most optimal approach which is why we are putting this together!

The Process

  1. Start with taking a short online assessment, to identify why you train and what your goals are.

  2. Take the thorough movement and posture assessment, to identify key areas of focus.

  3. Start your program. Our coaches will design a comprehensive program based on your specific needs and goals.

  4. Communicate. There will be a structured communication between you and your coach. Video submissions are used to track progress of movements and ensure that the training is done properly.