JoCo CF Competition Programming

Our Competition Program is designed from a yearly periodized plan that focuses on the proper development of Strength and Conditioning in a way that optimizes our Athlete's performance in competitive fitness. We use a collection of 4-8 Week cycles that focus on the training of specific energy systems, and build upon each other to develop elite athletes. Our programming has resulted in several regional team and individual appearances, as well an individual Games athlete. 

Cycle 1- CF Foundation

Cycle 2- Max Strength

Cycle 3- Power/Triphasic

Cycle 4- Conjugate/Dynamic Effort

Cycle 5- Big Muscles and Heavy weights

Cycle 6- Capacity Strength

Cycle 7- Open Prep

Cycle 8- Strength and Aerobic Development

Cycle 9- Anaerobic Lactic Development

Cycle 10- Oly and Core Lifts

Cycle 11- Olympic Complex